Sexual dysfunction comes in many forms and can affect any gender and any age in a number of ways. According to the Cleveland Clinic, sexual dysfunction is a problem that can occur at any part of the sexual response cycle, comprised of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution phases, and which inhibits an individual from feeling pleasure during sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction is typically thought to be a uniquely male experience as erectile dysfunction is so heavily publicized, but the Cleveland Clinic further notes that 43 percent of women have some level of sexual dysfunction as opposed to 31 percent of men, showing dysfunction to be a universal issue.

There are a number of treatments for sexual dysfunctions, and the type you receive depends on not only the type of dysfunction, but on its underlying causes. Causes may be physical, biological, or psychological, or a combination of these things. Anxiety is a leading cause of dysfunction among both men and women, and can manifest in a number of sexual issues, physical and mental. Some sexual problems associated with anxiety include performance anxiety, impotence, and lack of vaginal lubrication. For example, according to the University of California at Santa Barbara‘s Sex Info Online, negative emotions like anxiety, guilt, and fear during sexual activity can lead to a lack of vaginal lubrication and other dysfunctions.

Despite the prevalence of anxiety as a factor or concurrence with sexual dysfunction, uprooting it and returning to healthy sexual functioning can be a difficult task. There are number of treatment avenues you can take if you are experiencing sexual problems, such as a primary care physician, OBGYN, urologist, psychiatrist, sex therapist, or hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy may seem like a dubious treatment option, but as psychologists study and use the practice more, it has become an important treatment avenue for a variety with people with various conditions. Most problems reside in the subconscious mine, and hypnotherapy can help you isolate and treat such issues at the root of their problem. Whether or not you’re comfortable getting help with the aid of hypnosis, if you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, determine if anxiety or something else may be the cause, and get the help you need to return your sex life to the pleasurable activity it’s meant to be.