If you have a smart phone, go to the app store—can you count all the apps that are available? Probably not. With the proliferation of a technology run society, we are also seeing an increase in the number of apps available for smart phone users. From Angry Birds to apps that track the number of calories you burn, there seems to be an app for every aspect of our lives.

But what about an app that can make your job easier? There are now apps in which lawyers can communicate with clients through one click on their smart phone. With legal apps for lawyers, attorneys can connect with clients in groundbreaking new ways. Firms can even customize these apps specifically for their firms and specific clients. In ways like these, smart phone apps are being integrated in our daily life in a way like never before.

Technology is an undeniable part of our modern world and is becoming more than just an avenue to call people and play games when we’re bored. As a society, we always have our phones and they don’t ever seem to leave our hands. Companies are taking this technology prominence a step further and allowing law firms to use them to contact their clients easier than ever before. The phrase “there’s an app for that” seems to be becoming more and more true everyday.