Loosing a loved one is a heartbreaking and tragic situation. Already dealing with the emotional strain put on them, many individuals are then forced to deal with the confusing process of separating the assets of the deceased. Even if a will is left, the administration of an estate can be an extremely complicated process especially if multiple heirs are involved. This process can become even more complex if the heirs reach out to a Houston, Texas personal injury attorney of the Mokaram Law Firm to pursue a wrongful death claim.

There can be many reasons that there is no valid will for a deceased loved one—the will was not properly signed in the presence of a legal authority, the will was poorly drafted, and the will fails to properly dispose of their assets. Even more complicated is when there is no will at all. This can cause delays in determining who receives the estate of the deceased and how much they will receive. It is many times left with the spouse or adult children but many issues can make this a less than clear thing to decide.

In a time of such emotional distress, a lawyer is often the only way to deal with this confusing and difficult process. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise among family members that can only be settled legally.

A loved one passing away is one of the hardest events an individual can face in their lives and the long and complicated process of dividing a will can make it even more difficult, especially if the will is invalid or no will was left at all.