Dangerous Pharmaceuticals and Associated Risks

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It is a terrifying thought—the doctor or surgeon you go to receive help for medical problems can lead to more and sometimes devastating health complications. Increasingly, we are seeing medical malpractice and dangerous drugs lead to birth defects and complications. This can cause lifelong problems for the child due to medical malpractice.

For example, mothers who take Depakote during pregnancy have a higher risk of giving birth to children with severe birth defects such as Spina Bifida. However, prescription drugs are not the only thing that can lead to birth defects. Medical malpractice can lead to brain injuries during child development that can lead to medical conditions such as cerebral palsy. There has also been cases where medical devices, such as the DaVinci Robot, have caused serious medical complications. Although these examples are devastating to imagine, they are obviously not the only cases that display medical dangers in the US.

Although medical devices and prescription drugs can bring immense benefits to patients, there are also serious risks associated with some and unfortunately can lead to terrible health concerns and birth defects. However, when doctors or the prescription drug company fail to inform you of these risks, you can receive compensation for damages.

When we go to the doctor or order a drug at the pharmacy, we hardly think we will end up with more serious problems that we began with. Sadly, this is sometimes the case and can cause lifelong problems in an individual or a child in the developmental stages. Although no amount of money can make up for some of the medical complications caused, receiving compensation can ensure that you do not suffer further based on the negligence of a company or person.

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The Dangers of Defective Products

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When we go to a store and buy a product, usually the last thing on our mind is inspecting the product for deadly diseases or potentially unsafe aspects of it. Unfortunately, according to Massachusetts personal injury lawyers with Crowe & Mulvey, in many cases, unsafe products make their way on to the very shelves we buy from. We have seen this recently in one of the most popular brands in the United States, Blue Bell. The ice cream was found to contain the bacteria Listeria and Blue Bell products were quickly recalled and pulled from shelves. However, like in many cases, damage had already been done leaving 3 dead from listeriosis.

Unsafe products can have terrible effects on individuals, leading to injuries and, in the worst situations, death. According to the website of Iowa product liability attorneys, because manufacturers are expected to create safe products for purchase, when they fail to do so, the company can be held accountable for harm caused by their products.

Unsafe products can not only cause extensive medical bills, but lead to health complications that can last a lifetime. Product recalls are becoming more and more constant in the United States and thus the medical problems that arise with them. When unsafe products cause health and safety problems, the individual can be subject to compensation for their suffering. In fact, according to the website of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., even products that are subjected to recall can cause harm to consumers and thus owe individuals compensation.

It is a terrifying reality that the products we often use everyday can lead to medical problems and even, in some cases, death. When we buy a product, we expect that the company has provided us with a safe and reliable product. When companies do not do this, the distress can be life changing. Even against the biggest companies in the world, individuals should be able to receive compensation for their damages due to an unsafe product.

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