The Different Types of Car Insurance Coverages that Drivers Need to Carry

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Financial responsibility, which is more commonly known as auto liability insurance, is a basic requirement on all types of vehicles operated on US roads and highways. This means that every driver, whether he or she operates a car, a truck, a bus or a motorcycle, should be able to show evidence of financial responsibility whenever this is requested by a law enforcement officer, especially if he or she gets involved in a traffic collision, and whenever he or she is renewing his or her vehicle’s registration or driver’s license.

While all states mandate financial responsibility, only 48 states strictly require auto liability insurance. In the state of New Hampshire, drivers are simply required to demonstrate capability to provide sufficient funds in case of an accident which is their fault. Demonstrating financial capability may be done by posting a bond or cash equal to the amount of damages in a crash. In Virginia, drivers have the option to either purchase auto liability insurance or pay an uninsured motorists vehicle fee to their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (if they choose to register their vehicle as uninsured).

In all other states, the type of liability coverage that drivers are required to have can either be the full tort insurance coverage or the no-fault insurance coverage. Tort states, which mandate the full tort coverage on drivers, allow victims of car accidents to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver to determine the extent of damage they have been made to suffer and to seek compensation for all these damages. This compensation, which the at-fault driver’s insurance provider will pay by to the victim, usually covers cost of medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering. Payment of compensation may take time, though, and premiums may cost higher due to the lawsuit.

Payment of compensation is often much faster in no-fault states since no lawsuit needs to be filed anymore because compensation is paid to each driver by their respective insurance providers regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The no-fault coverage, also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers the driver and his or her passengers and medical and hospital expenses; in some states, coverage includes payment for lost wages, expenses for household-related services, such as childcare, and funeral expenses.

Car insurance coverage, though, is not the only requirement that states mandate on drivers; there are also the Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which is designed to pay for all economic damages and losses that victims may suffer due to accidents wherein the driver at-fault does not carry liability insurance or if the accident were a hit & run, or if the vehicle involved in the accident were stolen. Underinsured Motorist Coverage, on the other hand, is intended as a supplement to any inadequacy in the driver-at-fault’s policy limit, making the amount of his or her policy insufficient to cover all the damages suffered by the victim (this is usually the case if the at-fault driver carries only the minimum liability coverage set by his or her state.

All these required coverages make insurance too expensive for many drivers; however, as clearly explained by the independent car insurance company Insure on the Spot, not being insured can prove to be much more expensive. Besides, drivers and car owners can always seek assistance from independent car insurance companies for quotes which will give them the best deals that will not put a strain in their budget.

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To Be or Clot to Be, It’s in the Precaution

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It can be crippling to remember that in a base level, people are just muscles and blood wrapped in skin and propped up by bones – but people like to think themselves as invincible. But skin can oft be as fragile as parchment and when what’s underneath is endangered. Such is the case with blood clotting.

What is blood clotting and why is it so dangerous? For one thing, a severe enough blood clot can be fatal if not treated immediately. Such is the case for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which often occurs with passengers of planes on long distance flights. There is a vein in the legs called the deep vein that is stimulated by motion and if a person is stagnant for too long, the deep vein can clot and in turn, sever the vein and trigger heart failures.

That is why passengers on flights longer than four hours are advised to move around every few hours or so in order to avoid DVT.

However, this need not be the only case of clotting. Some people are simply more susceptible to blood clotting than others. This, in turn, creates the need for precautionary measures such as anticoagulant medication and medical devices such as IVC filters. When choosing a device to trust with something as fragile and important as the heart, it is imperative to practice the utmost care and precision as this is not an organ that should be risked at all.

For example, there are some complaints being raised regarding Bard’s G2 IVC Filter, according to the website of the lawyers with Habush Habush Rottier, wherein patients who have had the device implanted have had parts of the device snap off and wander onto other parts of the body. This happenstance can cause incredible pain and discomfort, as well as the more serious predicaments that the threat of malfunctioning medical devices can pose.

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Motorcycle Accidents

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Riding a motorcycle is often an exciting and romantic idea to many Americans. It means being able to drive the roads with the wind on your face and going faster than most cars can. It is the prospect of the open road that makes the purchase of a motorcycle a thrill that some cannot resist. However, this appeal can also lead to dangerous consequences for motorcyclists.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, motorcycles offer little in the way of safety features. Motorcycles also are often much smaller and lighter than the vehicles with which they collide. This means, as stated on the Hach & Rose, LLP website, that motorcyclists can experience significant injuries in accidents that would be minor to another vehicle. What’s worse is that often these accidents are at no fault of the motorcyclist at all but can leave them with fatal injuries while the driver of the other vehicle may not be injured at all. When this happens, motorcyclists can be entitled to compensation for their suffering.

Motorcycle accidents are often the most terrifying crashes that ever occur. Even with these dangers, the benefits of owning a motorcycle keeps these small and sometimes unsafe vehicles selling. Although some of these accidents are a cause of unfortunate circumstances, many are the result of the negligent and preventable actions of another driver. When this happens, motorcycle accidents are much more likely to injure the motorcyclist. Despite this, motorcycles seem to be an exciting and thrilling part of society that is not going away any time soon.

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Mobile Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

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If you have a smart phone, go to the app store—can you count all the apps that are available? Probably not. With the proliferation of a technology run society, we are also seeing an increase in the number of apps available for smart phone users. From Angry Birds to apps that track the number of calories you burn, there seems to be an app for every aspect of our lives.

But what about an app that can make your job easier? There are now apps in which lawyers can communicate with clients through one click on their smart phone. With legal apps for lawyers, attorneys can connect with clients in groundbreaking new ways. Firms can even customize these apps specifically for their firms and specific clients. In ways like these, smart phone apps are being integrated in our daily life in a way like never before.

Technology is an undeniable part of our modern world and is becoming more than just an avenue to call people and play games when we’re bored. As a society, we always have our phones and they don’t ever seem to leave our hands. Companies are taking this technology prominence a step further and allowing law firms to use them to contact their clients easier than ever before. The phrase “there’s an app for that” seems to be becoming more and more true everyday.

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Dangerous Pharmaceuticals and Associated Risks

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It is a terrifying thought—the doctor or surgeon you go to receive help for medical problems can lead to more and sometimes devastating health complications. Increasingly, we are seeing medical malpractice and dangerous drugs lead to birth defects and complications. This can cause lifelong problems for the child due to medical malpractice.

For example, according to the National Injury Law Center website, mothers who take Depakote during pregnancy have a higher risk of giving birth to children with severe birth defects such as Spina Bifida. However, prescription drugs are not the only thing that can lead to birth defects. According to the website of the New York City cerebral palsy lawyers at The Driscoll Firm, medical malpractice can lead to brain injuries during child development that can lead to medical conditions such as cerebral palsy. There has also been cases where medical devices, such as the DaVinci Robot, have caused serious medical complications. Although these examples are devastating to imagine, they are obviously not the only cases that display medical dangers in the US.

Although medical devices and prescription drugs can bring immense benefits to patients, there are also serious risks associated with some and unfortunately can lead to terrible health concerns and birth defects. However, when doctors or the prescription drug company fail to inform you of these risks, you can receive compensation for damages.

When we go to the doctor or order a drug at the pharmacy, we hardly think we will end up with more serious problems that we began with. Sadly, this is sometimes the case and can cause lifelong problems in an individual or a child in the developmental stages. Although no amount of money can make up for some of the medical complications caused, receiving compensation can ensure that you do not suffer further based on the negligence of a company or person.

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The Dangers of Defective Products

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When we go to a store and buy a product, usually the last thing on our mind is inspecting the product for deadly diseases or potentially unsafe aspects of it. Unfortunately, according to Massachusetts personal injury lawyers with Crowe & Mulvey, in many cases, unsafe products make their way on to the very shelves we buy from. We have seen this recently in one of the most popular brands in the United States, Blue Bell. The ice cream was found to contain the bacteria Listeria and Blue Bell products were quickly recalled and pulled from shelves. However, like in many cases, damage had already been done leaving 3 dead from listeriosis.

Unsafe products can have terrible effects on individuals, leading to injuries and, in the worst situations, death. According to the website of Pohl & Berk, LLP attorneys, because manufacturers are expected to create safe products for purchase, when they fail to do so, the company can be held accountable for harm caused by their products.

Unsafe products can not only cause extensive medical bills, but lead to health complications that can last a lifetime. Product recalls are becoming more and more constant in the United States and thus the medical problems that arise with them. When unsafe products cause health and safety problems, the individual can be subject to compensation for their suffering. In fact, according to the website of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., even products that are subjected to recall can cause harm to consumers and thus owe individuals compensation.

It is a terrifying reality that the products we often use everyday can lead to medical problems and even, in some cases, death. When we buy a product, we expect that the company has provided us with a safe and reliable product. When companies do not do this, the distress can be life changing. Even against the biggest companies in the world, individuals should be able to receive compensation for their damages due to an unsafe product.

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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

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We live in a time when the acceptance of a range of sexual orientations seem to be becoming more and more commonplace. In fact, gay marriage is legal in many states in the US with even more on the verge of legalizing it in the coming years.

Yet we see a reoccurring problem…not only is discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation happen in every day live, it happens in the workplace as well. Individuals may find themselves put out of work or being constantly harassed at work based on their sexual orientation, causing emotional and financial distress.

According to a New York City sexual orientation discrimination attorney, although there is no specific law explicitly prohibiting discrimination in the workplace, decisions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prohibit discrimination based on an employee being gay or lesbian. Essentially, this means that if you have been wrongfully terminated or face continued harassment at your workplace, you may be able to take legal action to receive damages and compensation.

Even as the acceptance of a wide array of sexual orientations is increasing in the United States, sexual orientation discrimination is still commonplace even in the workplace. In fact, studies show that 42 percent of gay, lesbian, or bisexual workers experience discrimination in the workplace. This can cause immense emotional and physiological problems for an individual, not to mention the financial distress due to being wrongfully terminated based on their sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation discrimination is never right but continues to happen. Only when individuals know what to do in this situation to receive damages, often needing a lawyer, can some of the emotional and financial burden be lifted off their shoulders.

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Dividing the Assets of an Invalid Will

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Loosing a loved one is a heartbreaking and tragic situation. Already dealing with the emotional strain put on them, many individuals are then forced to deal with the confusing process of separating the assets of the deceased. Even if a will is left, the administration of an estate can be an extremely complicated process especially if multiple heirs are involved. This process can become even more complex if the heirs reach out to a personal injury attorney to pursue a wrongful death claim.

There can be many reasons that there is no valid will for a deceased loved one—the will was not properly signed in the presence of a legal authority, the will was poorly drafted, and the will fails to properly dispose of their assets. Even more complicated is when there is no will at all. This can cause delays in determining who receives the estate of the deceased and how much they will receive. It is many times left with the spouse or adult children but many issues can make this a less than clear thing to decide.

In a time of such emotional distress, a lawyer is often the only way to deal with this confusing and difficult process. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise among family members that can only be settled legally.

A loved one passing away is one of the hardest events an individual can face in their lives and the long and complicated process of dividing a will can make it even more difficult, especially if the will is invalid or no will was left at all.

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